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Spa Evangeline South Tampa Couples Massage Spa Services

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Spa Evangeline proudly offers premiere couples massage spa services in South Tampa. We have five indulgent packages to choose, from including massage, vino-inspired facials and scrubs, Jacuzzi soaks, aromatherapy massage, and a couple’s shower suite.

Simply Di-Vine

by Caudalie of France
Every couple deserves some time to un-wined! This vino-inspired experience
features a cabernet grape-rich scrub, derived from the vineyards of Bordeaux, France.
Following exfoliation, enjoy a relaxing steam shower, couple’s 50 minute massage,
and choice of a Bourbon Pedicure or 50 minute Anti-oxidant Facial.

3 – 3.5 Hours  $650

Champagne Tub & Table For Two

Evangeline’s candle-lit Chromatherapy suite includes a romantic bubbly champagne
soak in an oversized Jacuzzi tub for two, followed by a vitamin-rich Clementine couple’s massage.
Champagne served with treatment.
50 minutes (20 minute soak) $350
80 minutes (20 minute soak) $415

Couples Massage

Unwind together, with a side-by-side massage experience. Custom curated with your choice of Swedish or Sensory Aromatherapy.

50 minutes $110/person | 80 minutes $175/person

Head Over Heels

Swoop your special someone off their feet with a 50 or 80 minute couple’s custom
aromatherapy massage and side-by-side Bern’s Bourbon on the Rocks pedicures. Next,
soak your feet, and enjoy a nice warm stone foot massage. Our Kentucky whiskey and brown sugar
scrub will soften your feet and legs, and leave your special someone feeling head over heels.
50 minutes $385
80 minutes $495

Shower With Love Couples Retreat

Shower your loved one with some alone time in our couple’s shower suite. Your experience begins
with a rain shower to loosen tight muscles followed by an Epicurean couple’s massage. Rich in vitamins
and antioxidants, Clementine oil that nourishes the skin, while the natural citrus fills the room.
Your treatments conclude with a warm agave nectar scalp massage (50 or 80 minutes).
50 minutes $325
80 minutes $380

Relaxing upscale couples massage at Spa Evangeline at the Epicurean Hotel Spa Evangeline


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